We serve only organic and handmade food from our fields and farm animals, because our first commitment is to offers a high quality catering service with an healthy, authentic and natural cuisine.

Our beloved Chef, with her over 20 years of experience, her awards, her engagement in “high cuisine” training courses and her big passion for cooking, everyday gives us a rich and genuine menu, made by new and traditional dishes to accomplish the taste and the needs of all the customers.

We start with local fresh cut, cheese, our tasty jams and mustards, various salads and panzanella completely made with our biological products. Some examples of our first courses are soups, polenta, ribollita or home made pasta with meat or vegetarian sauce.

Our menu is totally prepared with the best local meat and our organic products. Our desserts made with seasonal and high quality products are always a great temptation: cheesecake, blackberries’ mousse, home made pastries for those who stay with us overnight, pastry with jam, cake with carrots, tarts, strudel, apple pie, wine donuts and Maremma’s tozzetti.

We sell a wide selection of preserves and oily veggies made by our Chef, her liquors, the delicious blackberries’ jam, the Nepesina’s onion mustard. Pickled peppers, blackberries in syrup, pickled zucchini and eggplants, basil liquor, lemon verbena liquor, pomegranate liquor, orange lemon and gentian liquor, are only some examples of our specialities made and sold.